Goodbye to All That

Rivulets of rain streamed down the pools of the front porch where Jared stood, trying subtly to peer into a window. We anybody home? He hated having to ring the doorbell.

The door suddenly swung open. Crap. he also hated embarrassing himself. Mrs. Shaw stood in the doorway with an amused smile. “Hello Jared. Today’s your practice day, right?”

Jared turned to face her and tried to clear the guilty look from him face. “Uh, yes ma’am, if it’s alright with you.”

“You know you’re more than welcome to practice here sweetie. I love for anyone to get some use out of that piano. My husband doesn’t get to play it as much as he used to.”

Jared crept inside behind Mrs. Shaw and gently shut the door. “Is Mr. Shaw here?” He’d heard Mr. Shaw’s playing before, and while he aspired to that left of talent, the idea that Mr. Shaw might hear him made him just a little nervous.

“No dear; he’s on a trip with his brothers and won’t be back until Thursday.” Mrs. Shaw’s voice trailed in front of him in The hallway. She turned toward the piano in the great room.

“So,” she continued, “the piano is all your. I have to go pick up Krysti from cheerleading practice and Kevin from soccer, and also take the younger kids shopping. It should be nice and quiet while we’re all out, so you just stay and practice as long as you like, okay?”

“Yes ma’am,” Jared quickly responded, almost in awe. Uninterrupted practice time! He could play and compose to his heart’s delight!

He slid onto the piano bench and waited, not quite patiently, while Mrs. Shaw gathered up the rest of her brood to complete her errands. The Shaws were a large family, wit half the kids under the age of ten, so it took a while to get them all together. He pretended to nonchalantly organize his sheet music in front of him and even inspect the piano keys, biding his time until the house was empty. Finally, he exchanged a few hurried greetings with the little ones as Mrs. Shaw shuffled them out of the front door, and then they were gone. Solitude at last.

to be continued…


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