Goodbye to All That

Jared wasn’t really sure what to say. He hadn’t expected an audience, and even in his daydreams he’d only imagined playing for Krysti, not her quiet younger sister. He felt guilty for being disappointed, even if he was nervous anyway. Well, he’d have to suck it up now. There was no way he was telling Katy to go back to her room.

He began to play again, haltingly, almost as though his fingers had forgotten their natural grace. This was why he wasn’t ready to perform in public. In uncomfortable situations, he tended to freeze, and those who stepped in for him got the reward. Like with Krysti.

Enough! How was he going to silently plague himself with longing for a girl who was in love with his brother?

He glanced back at Katy. She seemed relaxed on the sofa, content to just close her eyes and listen to the grey tones in the music and the rain. Another stab of guilt hit him. They were neighbors and supposedly saw a lot of each other’s families, but he’d been so focused on himself and his daydreams that he hadn’t even noticed when she wasn’t around. He needed to do something about that.

“Hey Katy,” he said. She started and glanced up, blinking those brown eyes of her eyes at him. “Hmm?”

“You’ve played piano some, right?”

Her gaze turned wary. “Barely a little. I usually just listened to Dad when he played. Why?”

“I have an idea for some music I want to try, but I need some help. Would you mind to come over here for a minute?”

Katy hesitated before answering, shrinking slightly into her corner of the sofa. “Are you sure? I usually try to stay away from people even after I’ve been sick.”

“Ah, I’m not afraid of a few germs.” he slid over on the piano bench as he continued playing, tilting his to motion her over. “Have a seat.”


to be continued…


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