Soul Kiss

Chloe was enjoying her life for the first time in a year. Her role as Jonathan’s wife and integral component of his career and public stature were beginning to come to her more easily, and she was becoming comfortable with her responsibilities and with her husband. This press conference had gone particularly well; by the end of it she and Jonathan were laughing and joking with the press attendees. It was a small miracle that she and her husband were able to relax with each other at all.

Chloe’s relationship with Jonathan had been volatile at best until recently. She hadn’t really expected anything less; after all, this was essentially an arranged marriage into which she had gotten herself — all for politics and publicity’s sake. She had needed the security and stability, and had no other options. He had needed the recognition and goodwill, as well the ability to hide his unsuccessful attempts to woo Chloe’s twin sister. Chryse had rejected Jonathan and gotten away with marrying for love. Chloe was alternative that kept up the appearance of Jonathan’s relationship skills. She understood it, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t bitter about it.

They’d argued and fought for most of the first year, gritting out smiles and pseudo-support for the public and Jonathan’s position. Finally, she was too tired to continue the conflict. Thankfully, Jonathan had come to the same conclusion. What followed was an uneasy truce that was beginning to develop into a legitimate friendship. Chloe was relieved; she figured if she was going to be stuck with this man, her sanity would probably benefit more from a friend than an enemy.

Jonathan’s teasing continued after the photographers were gone, with silly comments and nonsense about the gum she chewed in front of the cameras. When she mildly suggested he take the gum away from her if it was that important to him, she was not anticipating his response. His lips were pressed against her mouth before she could think to stop him — or decide if she even wanted to.

Surprise gave way to pleasure, then to reverie. Everything started and ended in that one moment. Chloe had felt this kiss before.


to be continued…


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