Soul Kiss

“Are we ever going to see each other again?” Petal was suddenly panicked.

“I don’t know, but I do know the only way we’ll have a chance is if we split up.” Tommy turned and darted down the fire escape. Petal followed. She was sure now; she wasn’t ready to leave him.

At the bottom of the ladder tommy took off again, darting around the building with Petal on his heels. He stopped there, turned and grabbed her shoulders.

“You can do this; you know which way to go from here. You just have to run as fast as you can. I’ll distract them so you can get away unnoticed. But you have to go now, before they find us again.”

Two tears betrayed his calm insistence, sliding silently down his cheek. Petal’s own emotions welled up inside her, stealing her breath and choking her voice. “Thank you,” she whispered as tears coursed down her face, “for everything.”

They had no time, but he took one last moment and leaned toward her. He intended to kiss her quickly, but she held on, memorizing every detail….


…. of a kiss that was flooding back into her memory. She was being kissed by her rescuer; but she was being kissed by Jonathan. Jonathan Thomas. How did she not realized it before? Yes, he’d reminded her vague of the boy she’d never forgotten, but she’d been too angry and bitter to see anything more.

And he wouldn’t have known her. She and Chryse had had to change everything about themselves to avoid being recognized after her ordeal, even the names they went by. No one would have expected Chloe and Petal to both be short for Clover.

She pulled away from him. Blood pounded in her head as she watched the recognition dawn on his face.

“Chlo –” he started to say, but she turned away. It was too much. Emotions warred inside her mind; she should be overjoyed, but she could barely recognize the boy who’d been her closest friend and ally for those few short weeks with the man who had been her enemy for the last year.

She backed away, pain and confusion crowding out everything else in her mind, until she could only walk out of the room completely. But even as she fled she knew she could not get away from her imploding heart and soul so easily.


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