I dream — that the sun is shining.
There is a slight breeze flowing through the midst of a field.
Everything is soft and happy.

I dream — that the river is slowing.
The deep blue is settling for a shimmering purple and the stones below shine its relief.
The echo is quiet and peaceful.

I dream — that the lightning blinks twice.
In an instant, the atmosphere squeezes away the moisture gathered by its deep bellows laughter.
And then it blinks once more.

I dream — that a new song is begun.
The wind carries it away from the upstart who first noticed the tune.
One block over a girl begins to sing.

I dream — that light sparkles everywhere.
The eyes of my friends, centered on their new loves, enjoying circles three times bigger.
No one cares what time it is.

I dream — that there is barbecue.
Families not related find each other to hear and see what’s new, and delight in what doesn’t need to be: each other.
Life never let’s us lose touch.

I awake — it’s 3:00 in the morning.
I turn over to cover the sob and hide the tear escaping across my face.
I want more than what is just a dream.


Check out the Notes from the Author page for a little more about this poem.


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