Such Is Francesca’s Life

As a young girl, Francesca was at home pretty much all the time. She would sit at home and read — she loved to read. But she also loved to go out and do stuff with people, as energetic teenage girls are wont to do. However, despite her energy, Francesca wasn’t the most socially adept of girls, so she spent most of her time in her room, stretched out on her bed, listening to music or reading, and wishing she had somewhere to go.

As an adult, Francesca was a different story. She was rarely at home. Having finally mastered the art of networking and social activities, she often spent most of her time out at gatherings and events. She enjoyed them and was committed to the relationships she had developed, but at the same time she missed the good old days of quiet evenings with some new music and a good book. She sometimes wished she could stay home and read all these wonderful books she’d collected and listen to this excellent music she’d heard about, but not yet actually heard.

Such is the life of the child and the adult.


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