The Year of the Climax

Welcome to the New Year!

I’m thinking this is the year of the climax. Why? Because it’s 2012. The purported end of the world. What does that have to do with story? Well, whether or not you believe that the world is going to end within the next twelve months, you can tell that story of the Mayan calendar is coming to a climax. Everything is coming to a head fairly soon.

And that’s the big part of story. The climax. The finish, or at least extremely close. This year seems like it’s going to be a climax for many stories, not just the calendar. For example, this is also an election year. The coming months of political campaigns culminate in a presidential election. Regardless of the results, the event is climactic. It signifies the end of a thing. It signifies something new.

For me personally, the end and the beginning mean some changes here. First, the fiction and prose (long and short) will continue here, but I’ll also be adding  more true-to-life things, things that are part of the story in my heart and my head. It’ll be the end of my I Can Relate blog, but the beginning of all kinds of story here. And it starts with a new name — AnotherJoy Writes: Stories of All Kinds.

And that’s the story with 2012. Not just the blog, or the election, but the climax. The story — mine, and yours. You might be participating in #FinishYear, focusing your goals with an end in mind, or you might be planning a New You for the New Year, and thinking about all the things that you’re going to start. Either way, our stories are coming to a climax. And I think it’s gonna be big.

I’m ready to dig into the juicy part of my story; how about you?


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