The Sound of Freedom

Banging. On a door. Loudly. Harshly. Persistently.

But only in the distance. The banging, that hopeful, rescuing sound, was not here in front of her. Not at this door, the one barricading her from freedom. Whoever was out there was far, far away. She could barely hear the banging. She was probably imagining it, along with the sound of her name.

She sat up straight in the blinding darkness. She wasn’t imagining it. Faint though it was, the distant banging and the call of her name was very real. She scooted across the floor toward the door in front of her, wincing against the roped that restrained her movement. If she could just reach it…

The call was getting stronger, the banging sound louder. How many other doors were out there? How many would they try before they gave up? She needed to reach the door. Abigail rolled over onto her stomach, coughing against the dirt and crumbling cement that coated first the floor and now the gag in her mouth. Maybe the gag would prove useful and keep her from suffocating faced own on this awful floor.

She began to slide her body backward, stretching out with her feet angled toward the door. Eventually the ropes binding her wrists in place pulled taut, catching and holding both her hands and her breath. There she waited, hoping against hope that they would not give up before they reached the door she was waiting behind. A glimpse of blue was the only thing she saw when she had been dragged into this awful, pitch black space. Her captors had knocked her cold, and when she came to she knew only darkness, the ropes binding her, the cement floor, and that door.

“ABIGAIL!” There it was — her name, followed by the banging. Much closer this time. Pounding right behind her. She kicked her feet as hard as she could against the door. The muffled vibration seemed to be insignificant at first, but Abigail could not give up. The sound seemed to get through though, and the screaming outside increased.

Banging. On a door. Loudly. Harshly. Persistently.

And finally, the door opened behind her. Abigail turned her head. Her eyes caught that glimpse of blue again — the wonderful sight of freedom.


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