29th Day Bonus: New (Leap) Year’s Day

If you’re anything like me, you may have already given up on your 2012 goals or resolutions. A few weeks (or maybe days) into the new year, and all your progress seemed to come to a grinding halt. I made it through the first month by the skin of my teeth, and then February hit, along with the realization that the skin of my teeth was not going to be sufficient for another 11 months or so. I mean, life is hard, and busy, and goals take time, and effort. I was ready to call it quits on this whole pursuing goals thing, six weeks into the year. And maybe you were too.

But here’s the miracle — today! Today is a rare occurrence, like a blue moon. Although blue moons are less a miracle than actually a regular occurrence throughout the year, just not on a monthly schedule. So yes, today, like a blue moon, occurs regularly, but not on a monthly schedule. (Just go with me on this one.) It’s an extra day in a year. A whole extra day. We get them once every four years, and only once every four years. It’s a bonus set of daylight hours — so we can pretend we’re Joshua in the Bible and God gave us a bunch of extra daylight so we can defeat our enemies. (The enemies in this case being work and obstacles to our goals.)

Now, I’m not suggesting that we try to cram all our goal-accomplishing into this one day. I mean, where’s the fun in that? It wouldn’t seem like a miracle if we got this special extra day solely to do ten times the work we already have to do in a regular day. But think about what today is. It’s Leap Day. It’s the day that wasn’t supposed to be, and for the next year every day after it is altered as well. Wasn’t March 1 supposed to be on a Wednesday this year? Well, it would have been, but because of Leap Day, March 1 is actually on Thursday. And so every other of the next 365 days is somehow just a little bit different as well.

So, what are we gonna do about this whole year of extra special days? Now we can start over. It’s like January 1 all over again! Only without the post January slump, because a month from now we’ll be gearing into spring, which is all about life and hope springing forth. So take advantage of this New (Leap) Year’s Day, and get a jump (heh) on those goals again! This is our one (in every four years) chance for a do-over! Have at it!


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