I Fell.

I fell down today.

I should have seen it coming. In fact, I’m sure I had a peek. All the way from yesterday. All the way from last week.

When you’re barrelling through a hectic life, as I am wont to do, sometimes your feet get going just a little faster than you want them to.

Then you’re trying (try as I might) to slow down and pace yourself beefore you take flight. Only I don’t take flight; nope, not me. Flat on my face is where you’ll find me, having tripped on my skirt, where others could see that I’m down for the count – or at least, I should be.

I fell down on the job today. It happens, as whoever they are say. But let me try this again. If I walk, don’t run, in this race to the end, I can juggle these things instead of crashing into them. I win.


What do you think?

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