Xtreme Missions and The Dream Center

I always want to be coy with my responses when I’m asked about missions. Well, I don’t really want to be coy, it just sort of happens when I don’t want people to feel uncomfortable. But since missions is about the exact opposite of comfort, let’s go ahead and leave that comfort zone behind.

I volunteer with Xtreme Student Ministries in Knoxville, TN, the youth at Redemption Church. And while you may not have heard of us yet, you might have heard of The Dream Center that was started decades ago by Matthew Barnett in Los Angeles. It’s a place that is devoted to doing anything and everything to help the hopeless and hurting in L.A. From feeding the homeless to providing shelter for men, women, and children; from drug rehabilitation to education programs; from going out to reach the lost and hurting to bussing them in for ministry. The Dream Center does all of that and more.

Another Dream Center was started a few years ago, this time in New York City. The cities are very different, but they have something in coming: they are both full of lost and hurting people trying to fulfill their broken dreams. The goal of the Dream Center is restoration and life, and this June Xtreme Youth is going to be part of that. There are people in need all over the world, including the seemingly vibrant and lively spots in our own nation.

I would love for you to partner with me to go and help hurting and needy people, and to be a part of the lives our youth as they reach out into a world much bigger than their own. This will be a life-changing experience for all of us, I know. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and if you want to support our trip financially (the trip cost is $975 per person), please follow the link below, or check out the button at the bottom of the blog. I appreciate you all!

You can donate and find ways to share about this here: Xtreme Missions at the NYC Dream Center!


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