Trust God.

You’re frustrated and angry. I get it. So am I.

This world is not what we want it to be. Your world is not what you want it to be.

Nothing seems to be changing about that. Not the extended education, not the extra hard work, not the desperation to relate, to connect, to exist on some level beyond “barely.”

How could God let this happen? Why doesn’t He care about this world? Why isn’t He coming to rescue it? Or me? Or you?

You’ve done all you can stand to do, and now you’re standing, stone-faced, at this impasse that’s your only result.

You’ve been begging for a flare, a flicker, a glimmer — any sort of sign that your railings have not been all for naught.

And all you get in response? TRUST GOD.

That’s ridiculous. As if you have had any other option. You’ve been doing all you can, and nothing seems to be working.

How can you even prove that any of this matters to Him anyway? What if He can’t do anything about it? What if He won’t?

TRUST GOD. It’s almost infuriating, insulting. You’ve been doing all this for the love of God, and the spiral just keeps sliding wider and wider downhill.

Don’t you have a right to be angry? Don’t you have a right to cry for action?

Of course you do. He does too.

After all, He can do anything. (After all, He is God.) And what He chose to do was to let His Son, the whole of Himself, separate from Himself, come to earth in the most ridiculous way possible.

He came for the most ridiculous reason possible, with the most ridiculous plan possible. It was so crazy that it actually worked.

He gave you back a way to connect to God. To cry out to God. To rail against God.

This Man bled and died for you. What’s more, He came back  from the dead for you. But you don’t believe He or His Father can be bothered to do anything else for you.

So you’re frustrated and angry. I get it. So am I.

But maybe we are so because we’re avoiding the issue being blinded by what we can’t control, no matter how much we want to.

Maybe if we spent our energy learning (or re-learning) how to, we could finally come to:



2 thoughts on “Trust God.

  1. what brings me so much comfort while at the exact same time scares me because it means i don’t have control is being able to say “God, i know you’ve got this. i know you’re faithful and have a plan.” these are the words i uttered yesterday when getting some very unexpected news. it doesn’t make the hurt any less or the tears go away immediately but you’re able to have a sense of peace despite the situation. trust God.

    • I know my big trouble is that I’m usually asking God, “Can I trust you to do this the way I want it? Because You haven’t been all that faithful to me on that score.” Which is the total opposite of trust, I know. I’m trying to psych myself up to remember that that is supposed to be His question to me, not mine to Him.

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