louder and louder
unyielding, unwavering
the smallness of sound

drone pulsing stronger
beat upon negative beat
with nothing to fill

the absence of which
weakens the heart completely
left only to beg

cry, reach, and yes plead
for the one thing unproduced
by all the silence

sound, please, anything
which might leave the abyss of
voids to be consumed

by the nothingness
surrounding all of these things
the sound of life comes

oh what dripping sweet
the drops of life that could be
freed from the silence

if only a voice
small, still, yet giantly clear
could barrier breach

stretching out across
the universe to reach a home
in the space right here

but as of this moment
there is nothing, not one thing
available to hear

only the silent sound
lonely, whispering featherweight
pressed upon my ears


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