Cookies at the Dentist? Or Murder?

I find that when I go to the dentist, I usually come away with a story of some kind. Whether it’s the this-place-is-too-cool-for-words experience, like the time I got my teeth cleaned and then they gave me a freshly made chocolate chip cookie on my way out the door, or the do-I-even-want-to-know-what’s-going on experience, such as when the hygienist kept apologizing for the horrific electrical sounds coming out of a back room before finally shutting the door. (They swear that they weren’t actually working on a human being back there…)

The dentist office can be a pretty quirky place. After all, there’s the nice reception area, there’s the free coffee, and at my dentist the chairs actually massage your back while your teeth are being cleaned. But then there are the actual teeth cleaning instruments (everyone recognizes that tiny drill sound instantly). They even check my blood pressure before getting started. Is that to make sure I won’t have a heart attack or an aneurism if they need to start rearranging everything inside my mouth? Who knows. (Just kidding. I’d pass out long before they had a chance to do anything like that.)

Well, whether the experience is awesome or decidedly not so, I’m always reminded of this hilariously apt quote from Michael Westen in an early episode of Burn Notice:

“Know what it’s like being a spy? Like sitting in your dentist’s reception area twenty-four hours a day. Read magazines, have coffee, and every so often, someone tries to kill you.”


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