29th Day Bonus: Reentry (Part 2)

“I’m just heating the coals for the grill out back. How do you like your burger; still alive, or indistinguishable from the charcoal?” The question caught Jason off guard, but Jimmy just grinned at him.

“If you can get it somewhere between those two options, that would good,” Jason grinned back.  Jimmy’s unaffected personnality was much more pleasant than he remembered. Or maybe it was his own that had mellowed.


So how about it, Shaw? Are you ready for the next step in your journey?” Mr. O’Dare stared at Jason intently from across the table. He’d offered Jason a major promotion within the company, heading the joint venture with a company back in the States. It was a big step, professionally and personally. He had not been to the states since he’d run away from home two years ago. O’Dare knew that. He had taken Jason in when all else had failed. And now he was giving him another fresh start. What could he possibly say to that?

Yes sir, Mr. O’Dare. I think I am.”


“I’m not sure where Kate’s wandered off to; I think she’s digging something out of bedroom closet. Let me see if I can find her.” Jimmy turned down the hall; Jason didn’t move from his spot in the hallway. He could see the living room immediately to his right, and the kitchen ahead on his left. But he wasn’t quite sure he was ready to enter any further into this home than where he currently stood.


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