Best Friend

There is a song by Hillsong that our youth group sings. It’s bouncy and peppy, and fun, and our youth enjoy jumping around as they shout the lyrics. (Our praise & worship time would not typically be called “boring.”) I like the song, and can get carried away with the rest of them, but lately I’ve been reading a book that has caused me to reexamine this song’s lyrics. To think about them with a more sober mind, outside of the adrenaline of the music. I look at them now and wonder, Is this true in my life? Shouldn’t it be? If it is, why do I complain so often about it? Am I just taking it for granted, or even resenting it as an unwanted fact? What am I actually giving to this that makes it worthwhile to God?

If I’m going to be jumping around like I’m happy about it as I sing along, then God help me to treat Him with the value that these lyrics impose. If this is the relationship I’m claiming, then I have to live like this is the relationship I want.

Jesus, You are my best friend,
And You will always be,
And nothing will ever change that.


What do you think?

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