You are the sweetest thing
that’s happened to me
and if I could write you
a song, I would

As full of cliches as it
would have to be,
about hearts melting,
gooey-ness, and good.

I see now why they say
“the stars have aligned”
and write about flying
above the cloud

They go on about how
“everything is new,”
so overwhelmed they are
by love, and loud.

“The cheese,” I would cry,
“I simply can’t stand it!”
But oh, I was unaware
of its great force

That causes one to wax
lovingly on
’til they, or at least I wish,
become hoarse.

But cheese — is just how
they describe it,
all messy and runny and
soft as goo

In the same way that
describes their hearts —
melted in puddles,
poured out, they do.

I understand now
what I didn’t before,
the limber excitement,
the rush, galore

So bubbles forth the same
words, cliched or not,
that allow this merry heart,
ahem, to “soar”. šŸ™‚


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