Nan: “No.” Ree? “Mo’!”

Nan never wanted to do anything fun;
Ree could never get enough.
Nan was content with the least, or none,
but Ree always wanted more stuff.

Whenever a chance came to be
or an opportunity arose,
Ree would shout out, “MORE, PLEASE!”
And Nan would give a flat, “No.”

The years went by, and the girls they grew
As did their rapier wit,
But patterns they had gotten into
They could neither cease nor remit.

For the good things Nan seemed to always miss
along with bad she’d avoid
And Ree’s inability to resist
brought her sorrow as just as much as joy.

At last, between them a plan was hatched
To balance their lives just so:
The results were sure to be evenly matched
Combining Nan’s “No” with Ree’s “Mo’!”


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