The Story About Me

Life inside of me wants out.

Hi — My name is Alicia (otherwise known as anotherjoy), and because of the simple explanation above, I am a writer. And now I’m making sure to write things down. I’ve always had a lot of stories and images in my head — some with characters that cross over from one story to the next, some with a special relationship between one character and one idea, some I’m not even sure where they lead or what they look like yet.

All these and more I want to share with you as they come to me,story by story and bit by bit. That way you get to see the stories unfold with the excitement and anticipation that I feel! Just consider this an experiment in growing my dream to include others — like you! I’m excited to share the stories in my head with you, and I hope you’ll share your thoughts with me.


2 thoughts on “The Story About Me

  1. I can sense the excitement in your posts Alicia, its great that you’ve taken the bold step and are starting to get it all down on the page, its a wonderful journey and I’m sure you are going to meet interesting, like-minded people along the way.

    It seems from your other blog that sometimes people just outgrow each other and their lives move in different directions, I have found as I get older that I seem to attract more people who have similar or complimentary interests (both intellectual and spiritual), people with whom I have mutually, encouraging relationships and while others who I might have known longer are still there, their purpose in my life is something else, and actually it is not necessary to be in touch all the time, it is ok to just have loving thoughts of your friends, not to necessarily be in constant contact. And sometimes you just have to let go.

    It sounds like you are discovering the things that excite and motivate you, that is who you really are and once you fully embrace that, people will see you for who you really are.

    Don’t have fear, take the plunge, write the ideas down and then take action!

  2. Thanks Claire — I’m looking forward to discovering who I am, discovering people coming along beside me, and developing what I can to offer encouragement and inspiration to those who are interested.

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