Grace Under Pressure

An unexpected vision

Revealing an extraordinary destiny

Sending a hero on down a wary path

Quickly condemned by the worst of minds

Misunderstood by even the best

Trudging, pressing, facing forward

Unwilling to bend or relent

Until the prophecy’s fulfillment is in hand.


This is what faith is:

Grace Under Pressure.



Last weekend was our annual youth leader Christmas party. As one of our traditions, we play Bingo for prizes. It’s always fun to watch people who have spent the whole year teaching teenagers principles of Christian discipleship trying not to lose their religion while waiting for that one number they need to come up. šŸ™‚

This year one of the prizes we played for was a $50 Visa gift card. When I heard that prize mentioned I claimed it for myself. I could use it for Christmas gifts! The game we played for that prize was a “T” — trying to get the top row across plus the middle row down. I started off slow, but suddenly I realized my “T” was almost complete — I just needed one space in the middle. I was waiting and praying for it when someone else yelled out “BINGO!”

Oh well. I came to enjoy the party, and I wasn’t going to let not getting that prize ruin it for me.

A few rounds later someone suggest we play “4 Corners”. That game seems to take longer because you’re only looking for numbers in two columns (and you have to disregard every number that comes up that doesn’t apply to those two columns), but at the same time, each person is only looking for four numbers, so it could actually be over pretty quick. I started off the same way as before, with a bunch of blank spaces, and then suddenly needing only one. I didn’t want to get too excited, but I did start calling for my last number under my breath.

The next number? O64. Bingo.
The prize? $50 Cash.

You’re number may not always come when you think it’s about to or when the options seem greatest. But don’t get down, and don’t give up, because what you prayed for is on its way.

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