Twelve Days of Christmas

The Christmas program at my church is finally over. We had two performances this past weekend. The program great — happy and sad, funny and somber, side-splitting, tear-jerking, and thought-provoking all rolled into a 45-minute segment of life.

Now, I have twelve days left before Christmas Eve.

We managed to get the outside decorations up before the program, but between the general busyness of life, plus the near-runaway train that is the last two weeks of program rehearsals, we hadn’t had much time for anything else. Oh sure, I’ve thought about it, but is it really the thought that counts? (I didn’t think so.)

So what’s going into these next twelve days? (Don’t worry; I’m not about to break into song.)

  • cleaning and decorating (some combination of the two)
  • Christmas parties
  • vintage shopping
  • craft time
  • wrapping paper!
  • my first gingerbread house since I was a child
  • baking sweets and treats
  • exercise (to burn off those sweet treats and more)
  • family
  • friends
  • sleep! (or at least a pipe dream thereof)

And these are all fun and good, but one thing I’m really anticipating is the chance to sit still and really think about God’s goodness. Thanksgiving is supposed to be that time when everyone is thankful for all the good in their lives, and then we forget all of that in a mad Christmas rush. My Christmas rush may be a little madder this year, but I’m looking forward to those moments when I can just chill in the fact that God has been good to us a lot longer than we’ve been thankful to Him; and the fact that we even have Christmas to celebrate is proof.

So let’s bring on the next twelve days of good cheer, and decorative pears, and trees. “We know what Christmas is really about…. Christmas is in our hearts!” 😉


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